Photos – how to take a good photo of your pet

Its can be really tricky to take a good pet photos so here are a few tips:

Firstly, I need a good quality photo to work from, this allows me to see all the tiny details on your pet and include them in my drawing. The photo needs to be clear, in focus and high res/large. It can be taken on a camera or your phone/ipad etc.

When taking a photo of your pet, think about the angle you are photographing from, try to get to eye level with them so the camera angle isn’t looking down at them or up at them (unless this is the look your are going for)

Lighting is also important. Outside on a cloudy day is often best as its not too bright. Really bright sunlight can make your pet squint their eyes and also casts big shadows on the face. Indoors by a window is also good, as long as you have your back to the window so your pet isn’t silhouetted against the light.

Think about what you’d like your portrait to include, just head/neck or perhaps your whole pet, sitting or standing or lying down?

It can really be really useful to have a someone to help you, they can gently hold your pet (as long as they don’t cover any important features) they can also hold a treat to keep your pets focus and this can also help them to look alert and interested.

If you aren’t sure if I can work from your photos, please feel free to send them to me so I can have a look.

Good luck! 🙂